A Unique

At Tria Seputeh you will discover the beauty of a unique property development in a truly immaculate setting.
This contemporary urban living space is designed to offer a positive lifestyle for you and your family,
ensuring residents enjoy the best of city life with a vibrant community at its heart.

Common Facilities for All Towers


  • Up to 6 carparks (selected units only).
  • Low Density- Only 7 units per floor (Ebon Tower) served by 4 lifts.
  • Private clubhouse- Private lounge, Teen’s club, Kid’s Edu Hub.


  • 3 Tier security with Perimeter
    Anti Climb Fence.


  • Private residential.
  • Individual tower drop off lobby.
  • Common corridor only attached to foyer.


  • Certified Green Building Index (GBI)
  • 3 acres of green space at Level 8
  • 3 Rooftop Gardens


Don’t settle for ordinary. Begin your journey to an extraordinary new home at Tria Seputeh.